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Sometimes it is agreed that the stakes are doubled when the turned up wild card happens to be a printed joker. In this case in the 2-deck game there is just one joker available for use as a wild card. Whoever is dealt this card or picks it up in the course of the game has a strong hand, though not a sure win.

Alternatively, some play rummy card game when a printed joker is turned up, all Aces are treated as jokers (wild cards) and the stakes are not raised.

Some do not award a double score for hand rummy.

Certain groups deal 21 cards each for up to 5 or 6 persons with varying stake rules, bonus, and penalties etc. I have not yet seen any details of this version of the game. Check out more Rummy Variations. You can learn how to play deals rummy, pool rummy and points rummy game online.

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  • Can 21/24 card marriage game called Indian Rummy ? can this version of game accepted as legal game under the gambling act. Can Commissioner of Police or Government grant license to Social Clubs to permit playing such games in their premises?