Gaming Industry in India

Gamers constitute 41.2% of the total Active Internet users in India, a whopping 89% increase from the 2007,  as per a report by IAMAI.

Typical Indian Gamer

A typical India gamer is a Male from the Top 8 metros, has an average age of 26 years and belongs to the affluent SEC A. The average gamer has been playing on an average since 18 months now. He plays mainly from home rather than from a cyber café. He pays games 3 times a week and his usual gaming sessions last an hour in length. He also spends less than Rs 150 per month on gaming.

Roughly 80% of gamers still come from the Top 8 metros. The top 4 metros especially account for 59% of these gamers which indicates that availability of games and reach to target audience is still limited.

Proportion of college going students gaming on any platform has increased from 20% to 32%. And now account for almost 50% of the gaming users.

Decreasing influence of cyber cafés as a prime source for gaming

Percentage gamer using unbranded cyber cafes was as high as 53% while that number has dropped drastically to 35%. To compensate for this decrease the total number of gamers playing from home has increased from 34% to 47%. You can read my recent post on why Online Rummy is better than other indoor games?.

Gaming: Revenue Projection for 2010

IAMAI report suggests that by 2010 following revenues will be generated from

a) Console– INR 5750 Million
b) Mobile– INR 8125 million
c) Online and Offline-put together will constitute 24% of total Gaming Market

Gaming Genres played by Indian Gamers

Racing, Sports games and Shooting games make up the Top 3 Genres for Gaming in India on both Online and Console platforms. Games such as road rash and NFS are the most popular racing games.

MMOGs vs. Single Player

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