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A few months ago, a friend of mine invited me to this rummy site called RummyCircle.com. Rummy is my favorite card game and I was ecstatic at finding a platform where I could play online. I am wary of online fraud, so I checked first Rummycircle review online, then I decided that initially I would not put in any money of my own and would only play free rummy games. This is exactly what I continued to do for a month to see if RummyCircle cheats me in any game or not. I had decided I will only start playing rummy for cash i.e. cash tournaments at this website once I am assured that they are not money cheats like hundreds of other Indian gaming websites.

Soon I discovered, that though I was thoroughly enjoying playing rummy online, I was not winning too many games. I stuck at it for some time thinking that maybe it’s just my bad luck but soon I found myself hunting for some RummyCircle cheat codes to crack rummy games and win money. I am no stranger to this. Me and my friends have done this before and have even cracked some codes but at RummyCircle.com, no matter what I tried, all went in vain.

I tried several things……many hit and trials……consulted many software engineer friends of mine but was not able to find any cheat code to crack RummyCircle rummy games…..Being a good rummy player since childhood, I was disappointed to see myself losing in online rummy. Then one day, as a matter of chance, I happened to read the rummy rules and rummy tips and tricks section at RummyCircle. I must say that though the rules were no different from the way they are in offline game play, watching the interactive game demos did give me an idea of the way the game is played online i.e. how to group cards, how to discard, how to declare, extra time and other things.

After acquiring knowledge of all this, I was unstoppable and started winning a lot of rummy games. I was thrilled. To be honest, these rummy games are not very tough but involve some logical skills to be applied and really no cheat codes are required. Once you learn the rummy rules and start to apply your skills coupled with some rummy tricks and tips, you can win a lot of rummy games and win money too…. There is lots of money to be won on this site every month. I also participated in RummyCircle reviews and have shared my winning story on it.

RummyCircle Reviews By Real Players:

Here are Rummy players stories and personal experience about RummyCircle, read RummyCircle reviews in their words.

“I trust RummyCircle with my money. I can add cash and start winning immediately. Yes!!! I have won real money many times. My withdrawal request gets processed within a day and I get my money within two / three working days.” Bhagaban Reddy, Ameerpet

“I have been playing for 3 years. I trust RummyCircle with my money. I can add cash and start winning immediately. My withdrawal request gets processed within a day and I get my money within two / three working days. I always refer RummyCircle.com to my friends and family. My experience has always been exceptional.” Karthi Keyan, Thanjavur

So guys, if you also like to play rummy 24X7, just forget about any cheat code to crack RummyCircle rummy; this trick will not work here. Better to simply learn the rummy rules, rummy tricks, apply your logical application skills and you are sure to count your riches every day! Share you experience / Feedback, post your RummyCircle Reviews here. You can also check my previous article about advantage of playing rummy on RummyCircle.

Here are some latest RummyCircle players reviews and their experience on RummyCircle:

“I feel very happy to play on Rummycircle. I really want to say thanks to Rummycircle for launching such great games. I will tell everyone to join Rummycircle and play real cash rummy games. Through Rummycircle we can change our life by winning maximum cash.” Amit Thakur, Raigarh(MH), Maharashtra

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  • I have played on RummyCircle. It is genuine site to play rummy here. I have not won any cash yet but over all my experience is good.

  • I see lots of reviews of Rummy players, It help me to trust on RummyCircle. Reviews are best way to check the genuineness of any site.


  • This is a message to the RummyCircle Review, Cheat Code by RummyCircle | Pure Sequence admin. Your website is awesome, I see all kind of information here, It have positive reviews about rummycircle and along with the negative. Its fair site with all rummy guide.

  • Hello readers, here I want to share my experience with RummyCircle. I must say It is a fraud site and making money from players only. I was playing rummy from last 3 months and addicted to this game. If you want to play cash game on RummyCircle you have to add cash in your account. I deposited Rs 1200/-I have not played any game with money and I cannot withdraw my hard-earned money now. They have blocked my account now and I placed a complaint by mail but did not get any reply yet. This company got government license for offering cash game still I see lots of fraud activities are going here. Many people are losing money and that how site is making money. If anybody playing on RummyCircle stop immediately. I don’t recommend this game to play anyone.

  • Hi This is Sravan from VIZAG. I won 7000 rs and Moto g5+ mobile in Sunday masters Tournament. I am so happy to inform u guys..keep playing and rocking. Thanks a lot RUMMYCIRCLE.

  • Online rummy is just nothing but fake on RummyCircle. They charge big parentage of amount on each table. One of my friend has lost a big amount. Trust me it is just a money mind business game, Which attract people and then loss the money. My review to rummy circle is negative.


  • Rummycircle is amazing site I have earned rs 2000 by paying just rs 25. Rummycircle has many variety of rummy games, I can play pool rummy or points rummy anytime. The people who wrote negative comments are looser of the game. Even it is fact on a rummy table only one player win remaining lose so it does not mean to blame a site.

    • Hi Kevin
      It is 100% real and genuine site. You can add cash in your account and play rummy for real cash at RummyCircle.

  • Fucking cheaters.. They using cheat codes and robot.. I lost 50000 rupees.. Rummy circle. Com is a cheater.. Continuously i lost my whole money.. I m going to put case against to u rummy circle. Com... I wanna band ib tamilnadu.. This game bullshit.. u cheating... I ll put case