How to Play Rummy Online With the Rummy Game Rules and Tips

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  1. How to play Rummy Online
  2. Examples of Sequence and Set
  3. Some Rummy Tips and Tricks

A thorough idea of how to play the game increases the chance of winning it and considering the competition available, none of the lessons can afford to be ignored. The game of Indian Rummy, although looks very simple, is not advised to be attempted unless and until the rules and tricks of the game are clearly known. If every rule of the game is understood as it is, then one could be qualified to play it. Let us now look in detail as to

How to play Rummy Online

how to play rummy card game

  1. A standard pack of 52 cards is used in a Rummy game having four different suits, each of which carrying 13 cards. Following are the four suits: (spade) (clover) (Hearts) (Diamonds).
  2. Each suit will have the following 13 cards. A, K, Q, J plus face value cards ranging from 2 to 10 like 2 3 …. 10.
  3. Each player is dealt with 13 cards where the term dealing refers to the distribution of cards.
  4. Once the cards are distributed to the players, the next card is kept face open and it is called the open deck.
  5. Rest of the cards are kept face down on the closed deck.
  6. A random card is chosen then to act as a wild joker which can replace any other card. The printed jokers are not generally used in the Rummy game but they are deliberately included by players to increase the prospect of getting a joker. If the random joker happens to be 8 then this particular card can be used to form sequences / sets replacing any card.
  7. The objective of the game is to form at least two sequences one of which has to be a pure life and the balance cards can be used to form sequences and sets.

Examples of Sequence and Set

 Pure sequence: 5 6 7 8 (Consecutive cards of same suit formed without a joker)

 Impure sequence: 5 6 8 8 ( Here the random joker 8 replacing 7 and still forming a sequence)

 Set: Q Q Q Q (Here the formation of same card of different suits indicate a set)

This is achieved through a process called pick up and discard on each turn. How to discard and pick up cards are shown in the below videos.

  1. When the cards do not seem to be favourable, there is an option to drop the game at the beginning or during the middle to lose with less points. When and how to drop the game in RummyCircle can be seen in this video.

If the Rummy is completed as per the objective of the game, the cards can be placed in the finished slot using the declaration process by pressing the declare button.

Some Rummy Tips and Tricks:

  1. Use the joker wisely: Do not just fix joker anywhere; avoid using joker in a pure sequence.
  2. Opponent’s cards: Always keep an eye on your opponents’ moves and do not discard cards which may be of use to him. Make your opponents to discard the cards useful to you.
  3. Discard high point cards: Since Ace, King, Queen and Jack carry equally higher points than the rest, discard the same first.

Follow the aforesaid tricks and tips, and go for rummy game download. It would definitely increase the prospects for your success.

Here are some of the things which you know about how to play Rummy online before registering yourself in any of the Rummy websites.

  1. Time management is important:

    The online games, although are played for entertainment purpose, the truth is there are chances of players  getting addicted to them. You should not allow the games to control your life. The same may be the case with online Rummy if you let the game control your mind. If you let it control your life, then you will experience adverse and awkward effects in your life. When Rummy is played keeping entertainment foremost in mind you will have positive effects like increased memory power, knowing diverse facts and improved strategic planning. So online Rummy can be lively and a boon in your pastimes if you are not addicted to it.

  2. Take care of your health:

    Too much of indulgence in any online games for hours together, let alone online Rummy, can strain your eyes and can cause bodily harm too. So please see to that you allot just a brief period of time everyday and play the game instead of indulging in the game continuously without a break. Take a note of tournament timings that suit your schedule and complete them instead of playing 24×7 all games.

  3. Security and Safety:

    Last but not the least, the most important thing that a person has to take care before playing online Rummy is to ensure that the game is safe and secured. Make sure that the online website does not leak any personal information or have mischievous counterfeit offers. This has to be ensured before playing online Rummy. You need to consider the aspects such as security of bank transactions, safety of confidential information etc. Take your final call after considering all the pros and cons so that there is no room for repentance later. Also, you can go through the RummyCircle reviews and understand why people who are hooked on to Rummy, are interested in playing the game only in RummyCircle, for they find it more convenient and trustworthy than the rest.


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