Points Rummy | How to Play & Score Calculated in Points Rummy

points rummy
Points Rummy is the traditional method in which Indians have played their favorite game- rummy for ages. In Points Rummy, points are awarded to each card and players play for points having a pre-decided rupee value. Points rummy is played in a multi-player format and a single rummy table can accommodate upto 6 players.

How to Play Points Rummy?

Points Rummy is a game involving multiple players- generally 2 to 6. In points rummy, two or more decks of cards consisting of 53 cards each (one printed joker included per pack). In points rummy, each player is required to bring a minimum specific amount of money to the rummy table.

Each player is dealt 13 cards in a random fashion and a toss decides which player makes the first move. In points rummy, the game objective is to arrange all 13 cards in-hand in sequences and/or sets. At the beginning of each points rummy game, a joker is randomly selected. In case, players decide to use a printed joker as the joker card for the game in points rummy, they are also allowed to use the Ace card of any suit as a joker, which can then be used to complete their sets and/or sequences. If a player attempts to finish a game of points rummy, he/she must declare at least two sequences, at least one of which should be a pure sequence i.e a sequence having no joker.

How is the Score Calculated in Points Rummy?

The player who finishes first after meeting the game objective in points rummy wins the game. In case a player feels that their cards are not good, they can opt to drop out of the game. A player(s) who wishes to drop out in his/her first move, is awarded 20 points while the one who drops out after the first move is played, is awarded 40 points. Irrespective of the drop-out, the points rummy game continues till a single winner emerges.

In points rummy, the losing player’s score is calculated by adding the sum of points of all ungrounded cards with him/her. 10 points each are awarded to J, Q, K, A cards of any suit. All other cards are awarded the same points as their face value. For e.g. 2 carries 2 points. Joker cards carry no points. If the losing player has no lifeline i.e. no pure sequence, the sum of points of all cards in hand make up the score that will be awarded to this player. In points rummy, no player can get more than 80 points.

In a points rummy game, the winning amount obtained by the winner is calculated by summing up the value of all points obtained by all opponents and multiplying this value by the currency value of the points. Whether you are playing points rummy or the two player knock-out rummy tournaments, the rummy rules remain the same in both cases. You can read similar information about Deals rummy and Pool rummy.

What’s Special About Points Rummy?

Points rummy is a multi-player game format that can accommodate upto 6 players on a single rummy table. This is what makes points rummy an ideal choice at parties and family functions. The thrill in a points rummy  game is derived by the fact that till the end of the game, none of the  player knows how much money they would end up winning or losing and this is what keeps the nail-biting excitement going throughout the game.

There is also more cash to be won in points rummy as every player brings a minimum amount of money to the rummy table at the beginning of the game. You can play rummy online for cash as it is legal, safe and secure. The Points rummy experience has all the elements that make it a big hit with rummy lovers across all ages.

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