– A Big Hit With Rummy Players is India’s largest Rummy site that has over 8 lakhs registered rummy players from all over India. This website offers 13 card game card game online. The USP of RummyCircle is that players can indulge in their favorite rummy game anytime of the day or night and play against real players and not against a computer!

Online Rummy is fast becoming the most popular online card game. RummyCircle is the pioneer in bringing Rummy skill game to India and entertaining the Indian masses in a fun, light-hearted and friendly setting.
Rummy is Easy to Learn at RummyCircle, many advantage are here to play rummy on RummyCircle.

For someone who is new to Rummy, RummyCircle is the perfect place to learn rummy game rules, pick up the nuances of the game by watching interactive game demos and also to imbibe a few clever Rummy tips and tricks. The game play at Games24X7 is also incredibly simple to understand. Once you land at RummyCircle website, all you need to do is to create a free rummy account and select a type of tournament from the tournament list drop down. Currently there are 2 types of rummy games offered at RummyCircle – the ever popular knockout-style Rummy Tournaments and the new multiplayer game Points Rummy. The best part about RummyCircle is that you can play both practice games as well cash rummy games anytime of the day or night i.e. 24X7!

As soon as you select a tournament to play and join that tournament, a game pop-up opens and the rummy game begins. The game table at RummyCircle is designed to give you the feel of playing at your friendly rummy club. A toss is done to decide which player gets to make the first turn and thus begins the 13 card Indian Rummy game.
Rummy Rules at RummyCircle

Rules of rummy at RummyCircle are no different from those in the offline scenario. The only difference for a player is to get used to the online game interface. At RummyCircle, one can player with 2 players or with upto 6 players on a single rummy table. A 2 player game is played with 1 pack of cards where 13 cards are dealt to each player. Each player is dealt 13 cards in a random fashion. The objective of the game is to arrange all 13 cards in sequences and/or sets. A Sequence is formed by 3 or more running cards of the same suit. Eg: 3♥4♥5♥.

A Set is composed of 3 or more cards of the same face value. Eg: 3♥3♠3♣or 8♥8♠8♣8♦.

A joker is a card that is randomly selected at the start of each game and can be used as a substitute to complete sets and/or sequences. It is this versatility of a joker card that makes it one of the most sought after cards.

RummyCircle- A Big Hit With Rummy Players

The best part about RummyCircle is that you can play rummy here 24×7. And you can play for free or for cash. There are pulsating tournaments, generous bonuses and loads in cash prizes to be won every month. Cash tournaments run non-stop on RummyCircle and have entry fee and prizes in real cash. Practice rummy tournaments can be played for free anytime during the day or night at Games24X7. Promotional rummy tournaments at RummyCircle are a smashing hit with rummy players across India. These have no entry fee and yet players stand to win real cash prizes.

The bring-a-friend program is another highlight that attracts players to RummyCircle. Players can invite friends from Gmail, Yahoo, Rediffmail, Linkedin, Hotmail and social networking sites and stand to earn Rs.500 bonus on every friend who joins and plays for cash on RummyCircle. Rummy is India’s most popular card game and the fun of playing it with friends and family is unmatched. So what are you waiting for? Just login to RummyCircle, create a free account and start rummying!

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