7 Reasons Why You’ll Enjoy Being a Rummy Beginner at RummyCircle

New to the game of Rummy? Don’t worry you have many advantages and playing is always fun. Here is the list of 7 reasons why you’ll enjoy being a beginner at Rummy, least but not last we will also give you 7 days to celebrate it!

1.Beginners try your luck:It is said that ‘novices getting unexpected success against experts in a new field’. This is true for most things just as it’s true for Rummy. So if you are new to the world of rummy, delight as lady luck is standing right next to you ensuring you win!


2.Winning money:If your beginners luck is working that means you are on board of winning games. And it means only one thing in Rummy – CASH! So if you play cash games (for as little as Rs 25) be assured that you will win back the money.


3.Learning rules is easy now:Sometimes, a fresh outlook is the best approach. And since the rummy rules are fairly simple, it is not only easy to learn the game fast but will also be able to excel at it in less time.


4.Keep practicing until you are perfect:You might feel you know enough, and you think you don’t feel the need to practice. But as we all know “practice makes perfect”, you have the advantage of practicing  before taking the plunge. It is very rare that a person coming back to a practice game once they feel they know the game. So use this to your advantage and surprise the pros!


5.It is good to invest:Playing for as little as Rs 100 can give you returns in thousands. It totally depends on how well you polish your skills. Rummy is a skill based game as recognized by the Supreme Court of India. How many other fair, authentic games can you think of that promise such kind of yields? The answer is none.


6.Sharpen your mind:Many health blogs talk about how Rummy helps sharpen the mind as it involves memory and concentration. It’s interesting to note that Rummy falls in the category of games that enhance mental fitness just like chess does! A real exercise to you grey cells.


7.Learning new skills:Apart from sharpening your mind, you learn new skills that can help in your daily life. For instance problem-solving skills, observation skills, reading hands, mathematical and probability skills, analytical and so on. Want to know how does that happen? Well, you are alert at all times as to what cards are being picked or discarded, judging what cards are remaining so you can plan your game, re-arranging your cards to minimize the losses and so on. As you play, these skills sharpen.


Still more awaiting for you!! RummyCircle gives the beginners 7 more reasons to cheer – 7 days of Rummy Tournament exclusively for Beginners with guaranteed cash prizes and a total prize of Rs 7,000!

All you have to do is make a cash deposit of as little as Rs 25 and get 7 tickets to this exclusive tournament for 7 consecutive days. The tournament is at 8 pm every day so you have enough time to plan your day and squeeze in a game.

Let’s hear some RummyCircle reviews from some of the Rummy Beginners who played in the BRT

“It’s an awesome game to play. As a beginner, I earned Rs 300 till now. I hope to continue winning”, says 28-year-old Rakesh Varma from Hyderabad.

Another player from Mumbai –

“Thanks RummyCircle for creating a tournament especially for Beginners. “I am very happy to play and win in Beginner Tournament. I can trust RummyCircle and will be happy to tell my friends about it”, says 30-year-old” Nirankar Kushwaha.

Let’s end with another BRT players comment

Alvin Jose from Kerala, “I am very happy with the winning. It’s a very good site for winning money.”

This Promotional Tournament (BRT) is open to only those players who have valid tickets to it. And the tickets to Beginners’ Rummy Tournament are only given at the time of their first successful cash deposit on RummyCircle.com. It’s a free tournament with guaranteed prices for all participants.

So go on and take advantage of being a beginner. Subscribe to our blog for more fun updates on Rummy.

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