RummyCircle Talks About The Benefits of Playing Indian Rummy

Indian Rummy is not just a game but it is ‘the’ game; the ultimate family knitting card game, easy to master, interesting to play. Think of all those little competitions your family members had amongst themselves when a game of rummy would get intense, trail down the memory lane and visualize those light wagers on Diwali, due to the nature of the game, Indian rummy has been socially accepted as a family game for over centuries. And with companies like RummyCircle bringing rummy to online world, this acceptance is even grander.

But science says that there is much more to rummy than what meets the eye. Apart from being a source of entertainment, rummy also has various other benefits. Let’s have a look at a few of them

1.Improves mathematics – Rummy is a game of skill, number one of which is to be able to keep a track of cards that have been discarded or picked. This sounds like an awful lot of job but isn’t very difficult. And in doing this, players can also improve their mathematics. So twin benefits!

2.Quick decision making– In rummy, one has to form sequences and sets to win a game and at the same time stop the opponents in doing that. So, a player has to pick and discard cards very carefully and meld them into sequences and sets. This requires a player to think quickly and clearly. And if you are playing online, then there is a specific time limit in which you are supposed to make that decision. So rummy makes you quick; always active and thinking clearly.

3.Understand people’s psyche – Another advantage of rummy is that it helps in understanding opponent’s psyche, says one of the regular players at Rummy Circle. He says that he learnt a lot from the rummycircle reviews but the actual experience is a lot better than described. He was intrigued by his opponents and started finding out a pattern in their playing style. This has given him an insight into players’ psyche in general, making the gaming experience even better.

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