The Importance of Joker in Indian Rummy

In our country, any occasion or social get-together is incomplete without the game of Rummy cards.  Transcending the concept of just a mere game, rummy card game has become a crucial part of our tradition and culture. It is considered as the ultimate ‘family knitting card game’ and accepted as a social and family game for over centuries.

Rummy is a skill-based game which is easy to master and suitable for different age groups. It has been immensely popular in casinos and card rooms since ages. By bringing Rummy to online world, Rummy Circle, the largest online rummy portal in India has provided an easy access to this game. It has a good response and there are RummyCircle reviews on the internet. The game requires a certain set of skills which determine one’s chances of winning or losing. Each deck consists of 52 cards plus one wild card, with ‘Joker’ printed on it.  When the game is started, a card unseen from the shuffled deck is drawn randomly and considered as the ‘Joker’.  All the cards having the rank as this card along with the printed jokers are referred as ‘wild cards’ and used as ‘jokers’ in the Indian rummy game.

The Joker assumes the prime importance in the game as it increases one’s chances of winning. It is an added advantage and a game changer if used wisely. The Joker card should be used to complete a set or sequence of high point value. It can be used to complete the 2nd sequence if you have a pure sequence. Sets/Sequences with high point cards can also be made using Jokers if one already has two Sequences. However, it is advised not to use Jokers in a Pure Sequence as it does not serve any advantage in this case. Here is my previews post on why should the joker cards be taken seriously?

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