How to Play Deals Rummy The Right Way

One of the popular variants of card game is deals rummy. It is one of the fastest rummy variants and can be played from 2 to 6 players. In this rummy variant, players get chips and the one who has the highest number of chips at the end of the deal wins the game. Here’s how to play deals rummy.

How is Deals Rummy Played

Deals rummy is played through chips. These chips are allocated at the beginning for the pre-decided number of deals of that game. Typically, a game will consist of one more packs of 53 cards including a printed joker per pack. Here’s how the game starts:

Deals Rummy Rules

Deals rummy is quite simple and a fast game. Even a beginner rummy player can get a grasp of this rummy card game variant quite easily. In online rummy, deals rummy is also called points rummy. Here are the basic deal rummy rules to get you started. Pool rummy is another variant of Indian rummy and equally excited to play as deals rummy is, you can learn how to play pool rummy here.

Dropping out of the game

It is quite possible that a player has got a bad hand and wants to drop out. The best time to do this is at the beginning of the game. However, if a player drops at the middle of a game, then he will lose more points.

Points calculated at the end of the game

At the end of the pre-decided deals, the player with highest points wins the game.

Winnings = (Entry Fee) X (Number of Players) – website fees.

For example, there are a total of six players. The five players who lose have 10, 30, 20, 30, 40 points respectively. So, the sixth player who is the winner takes the sum of all the points. (10+30+20+30+40=130 points)

We hope, how to play deals rummy is clear and you can now register and start playing online, right away. You can also check how to play rummy game online and what are the basic rummy rules to follow in any variant of rummy.

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