Play Rummy smartly to maximise the chance of winning

Victories and defeats are part and parcel of any game and this theory, therefore, applies to online Rummy too.

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Even an expert will have an off day with things not going his way right from the start. The only difference here is while the beginners may give up easily, the experts will not be bogged down by the defeats. They find their way out somehow and start tasting success again. How is it possible only for them? It is possible for them because they know to play it smart. They just do not go by bookish knowledge alone. They use their expert rummy tips instead and outsmart their opponents by thinking out of the box. Let us now look into some of the smarter ways in which the game can be won.

Always have undivided attention on other players’ moves. By noting the cards that they discard and the ones they pick up from the open deck you can get a visibility as to which of the cards you can retain or discard safely.

  1. If you are pitted with a bad Rummy, try to discard the cards with higher points. That way you can make sure you are not burdened with more points even if you do not end up a victor.
  2. Look out for smart cards which can be used to form more than one set of sequences. (Like how a 6 of any suit can be used together with 4 and 5 of the same suit or 7 and 8 of the same suit).
  3. Learn to analyse the cards that you hold. If a card that you need does not appear on the open deck for some time there is every chance of the same lying with your opponent. For example, if the card that you require is king of spade and the same is not found in the open deck, discard an Ace or Queen as if you are not forming sequence with it. This will make your opponent to discard the king of spade which precisely is what you need to form a sequence.
  4. Do not wait for a specific card all the time. With the available cards keep trying various combination not sticking to one which will while away your time.
  5. Clever use of joker is also one of the things which improve you as a player. It is ill advised to form pure sequence with joker cards. Use the card to form sequence of cards with higher values.
  6. Make your opponent provide you with the cards that you need. If you have a jack of hearts and clubs, discard the queen of spade and your opponent may reply with a jack of spade and thus a sequence is formed for you.
  7. If nothing works out you can even use bluffing as a strategy. If you are having a bad hand, start picking up continuously from the open deck for three to four moves which may confuse your opponent to the extent that he may even drop the game immediately thus leaving you as the winner.
  8. With the help of discard section available note all the cards your opponents would not be required to form sequence with and keep discarding the same continuously which will force him to declare the game.
  9. Arrange the cards with alternate colours so that you are not confused while discarding or retaining the cards.

When you keep on practicing the 13 card game with the techniques mentioned above, you can find yourself dictating your opponent soon. It is not just the skill that matters. On the other hand, how smartly you  use it to your advantage is what it actually matters.


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