The Secret to Win the 13 Cards Rummy Game

rummy tips

Rummy game is challenging and that can sometimes make even the best of players nervous and anxious. And from there starts the downhill journey of making silly mistakes and overlook significant details in the game. If you want to win at rummy, check these 13 card rummy game tricks that can help you come out as a winner in almost all games.


You must have heard, you need to know the rummy rules and practice the game. Well, yes that’s important. However, what’s the most crucial aspect when it comes to winning the game is your concentration in the game. Whether you are playing for fun or for cash, you need to concentrate on the game and observe each and every move. If you miss out on even one game, you may be on the losing end.

Sharpen your memory

Yes, this is another rummy trick to win the game. You should be able to remember what cards you are putting in the discard pile and what cards your opponent is picking from it. This helps in getting a fair idea on the hand, your opponent is trying to form and gives you an edge over your opponent.

Practice playing quick

Slow can be boring in online rummy. One of the best RummyCircle tips and tricks we want to share is to learn to make your moves very quickly. This first shows your sharpness in the game and second doesn’t give much time to think to your opponent. The faster you play the game, the higher the odds of your winning.

Your calculations should be rock solid

Are you good with numbers? Then you should be good with rummy as well. Rummy players need to make quick point calculations and on that basis pick and discard cards. With every card having a different point value, you should be able to manage your game especially in points rummy and pool rummy. Read RummyCircle reviews for more information.

Play at different times of the day

RummyCircle runs cash games and tournaments all through the day. To improve your winning opportunity, you should play different tournaments that run at different times of the day. This gives a clear picture what are the types of players that come, what’s their playing style and how you should form your strategies to win the game.

So, next time you play a rummy game or a rummy tournament, remember these easy but effective rummy tricks and tips and improve your game play.

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