How two friends got started with Rummy

How two friends got stated with rummy


The online Rummy is the undisputed sensation of India as it stands today, gaining momentum day by day, thanks to the interest it has generated over the past few years, full marks to RummyCircle. None enrolled into the world of online Rummy has ever turned disappointed. In fact, the reviews had always been positive whenever the online Rummy players were asked to talk about their experiences playing the game. Let us now see how the online Rummy game has changed the fortune of two friends in its entirety once they frequented RummyCircle.

Ram and Shyam were two thick friends with fabulous interest in the game of Rummy. Whenever they find little time while partying with friends or during travel or for that matter attending any marriage function, it has been their habit to play a game or two. But, to their disappointment they have always met opponents who were quite formidable and had often ended up on the losing side. Having kept losing money like this, they had become a laughing stock among their friend circles. The only problem that they had was as much as they loved the game, they were quite aliens to the nuances and intricacies of the game and they could not quite manage learning them too. So, the misery continued for years till the day when an online version of the game arrived, pioneered by RummyCircle.

At first, both of them were quite reluctant or perhaps rather hesitant trying their hands on RummyCircle because they were thinking if they could not manage securing wins among their own friends what chances they would have confronting Rummy experts all over India. Dwelling with such a negative thought, they kept on staying away from joining the world of online Rummy. But in the end, Ram, a slightly braver one among the two, felt it was better to take risk than ruing in future for not having taken it. This thought came to him because he heard literally no negative reviews from anyone about the game even after years of it being online. So, he felt it was better to have a go at it and thus got enrolled himself in RummyCircle.

In a few days, when both Ram and Shyam were attending a marriage function along with other friends who used to beat both of them frequently in the game of rummy, Shyam was taken aback seeing his best friend Ram winning the deals at will. He looked hugely confident and made his other friends to have a taste of their own medicine. Shyam then asked Ram how the latter could turn his fortunes all of a sudden. It was then Ram informed his friend about him joining RummyCircle. This induced Shyam too to get himself registered in it and he too saw the fortune reversal just like Ram.

So what change did online Rummy bring into them that they could ward off their misfortunes? The answer is quite simple. Earlier they were hardly aware of the tricks of the game and its nuances which made them eat the humble pie regularly. But RummyCircle is not just another gaming site, isn’t it? How to play Rummy game and become an exponent was the million-dollar question that kept the friends out if it earlier but little did they know before that the answer lied within. Yes, even a layman who had virtually zero knowledge of the game can be elevated to the level of an expert thanks to the Rummy guide and video tutorials available over there. So, what to say about Ram and Shyam who were no aliens to the game? Just by going through the guide and tutorials they learned every Rummy game rules and tricks of the game effectively. That’s not all. They were able to utilise the practice sessions over there very nicely to their advantage. By keep practicing what they learned on practice tables they prepared themselves to play against the nation’s best with ease. They are now virtually unbeatable oozing with confidence. They simply do not know how to lose a match, a habit that was shelved once they joined RummyCircle.

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