Why Online Rummy is Better Than Other Indoor Games?


Ever wondered when there are numerous games available to while away your time during past times, why Indian Rummy makes people hooked to it more than anything. Rummy rules over the rest, as simple as that. So, let us see the reasons why online Rummy has taken the web world in India by storm and why it is loved by all.

Unpredictable nature:

Unpredictability is a key for any game to be interesting. It is not just about the results. When two strong opponents of equal prowess play a game like say Chess, Table Tennis or Carom, the results are obviously going to be unpredictable. But in case of a card game like Rummy, every other move is unpredictable. It is not just that as a player you will not be able to predict the next move of the opponent but in fact your own move next will not be predictable to you. It all depends on what cards do you pick up from the open deck or closed deck. You can’t think ahead and plan your next four or five moves. It is only your expertise in having played the game many a time plus the skills mustered out of it that helps you win an online Rummy game.

Winnable from any situation:

The beauty of online Rummy, unlike other games is, it stands winnable from any situation. Just because your opponents are unaware of the cards lying in your repertoire, you can easily fix them by making scary moves, like picking up the cards continuously from the closed deck or discarding lower value cards on successive turns which will make him fold the cards thinking that you are on the verge of completing the game. It is impossible to bluff your opponents in any indoor games as everything is transparent over there for them.

Fastest online game:

Take for example a game like chess, you can take as much time as possible in making your moves. But in case of Rummy which also is a thinking game like chess, you need to make your moves pretty quickly as there is always a time limit. When you are unable to make your move on time, you need to wait for your next turn. A total of three consecutive misses can drop you out of the game. Therefore, the decisions should be taken with utmost precision and that too at a quick pace. So, among all online games, this is the game which requires utmost intelligence to thrive as a champion.

Different varieties:

Unlike other indoor games, a Rummy game has so many varieties. You can choose to play the game that matches your strengths. Points Rummy, Deals Rummy and Pool Rummy are typically some of its types each of which is unique in its own way. Thus, this game offers change to the players by not being monotonous and makes the game interesting attracting millions of people all over India. Ever since the online Rummy started making its mark and the people have learned how to play Rummy it has always been a one-way traffic.

Lesser rules:

Come what may, all you have to do as a Rummy player is to form at least two sequences one of which has to be a pure one and the rest of the cards can be arranged to form sequences / sets by just picking and discarding cards on each turn. That’s it. You can pick or discard any card which is totally up to you. There are no other rules obstructing your process of achieving the objective.

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