Rummy Tips For The Beginners


The popularity of online Rummy in India has been simply mind-blowing since last couple of years. Many avid internet users have registered themselves online to play the game on RummyCircle, a site that hosts around 5 million Rummy aspirants and professionals as far as Indian Rummy is concerned. It is only a matter of time before the entire nation surrenders to the game, thanks mainly for its ability to transform an individual into a more successful person and an organised human being in the daily walks of life. So, as a beginner if you want to enjoy and taste all the benefits that the game has to offer here are the following tips which can help you in your endeavour in becoming a successful Rummy player. Or you can play rummy practice tournaments to sharpen your rummy playing skills, check my previous post on advantage of playing rummy on RummyCircle.

Choose the best website:

When you are all set to play the game of Rummy online, it is imperative that you select a reliable website. Since Rummy game involves money transactions, considering the risk of the leakage of personal information, you need to be extra careful in checking a better website. Considering all aspects including friendly features, attractive tournaments in addition to of course safety of personal information, RummyCircle is highly recommended to play although there are numerous other websites. If you play on RummyCircle consider then you are in safe hands.

Learn Rummy through Rummy tutorials:

Even if you are a Rummy expert, playing it online poses a different challenge altogether and so you need to get proper coaching before playing the game for real cash. So, you must go through the video tutorials available in the website which presents the idea of online Rummy in its entirety in addition to teaching you all its rules plus the tricks of the game. So, as a first step after joining online Rummy, it is essential for you to make sure that you did read the tutorials available.

Practice matches:

If you are done with the coaching being offered in RummyCircle, then go for playing practice matches which are free games. It is important for you to have a taste of practice tables which gives a proper insight on how real cash games look like. If you are entering real cash games without playing practice matches you may become nervy and succumb to the pressure situation very soon. So, in order to handle the same practice matches are must for you to start with.

Tips to play cash games:

Finally, please ensure you take care of certain important things and learn how to play rummy like experts before starting to play real cash games.

  1. Be calm and composed. Do not yield to the pressure of playing cash games. Treat it as a normal game.
  2. Focus on one tables. Although you can play multiple tables at the same time, in order to avoid distraction, concentrate on one table first since you are a beginner.
  3. Play the type of Rummy that is best suited to the style that you adopt.
  4. Just like winning is a habit so is losing. So, when you are on a losing spree, stop playing, gain some confidence and come back.
  5. Keep focusing on the moves of your opponents.
  6. How to Win Cash by playing Rummy Online?

So that’s all about the things you need to do as a beginner in online Rummy. The aforementioned steps will make you a better Rummy player in the months to come. So, what are you waiting for? Use the Rummy game free download and enjoy the game.

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