RajShekhar Won Rs.17000 by Playing Rummy @ RummyCircle

Posted On Jun 3 2013 by

Rajashekhar’s love for rummy won him Rs.17,000 in one week at RummyCircle.com. With the winning amount, he also won himself a resort vacation with his wife! An IT Engineer based in Bangalore. Rajashekhar has learnt rummy rules at young age. As life went on, marriage and family responsibilities did not leave him with much time to hang out friends and play. That was until he discovered RummyCircle.com through an advertisement on Facebook. Seeing that his favorite game could be played online in the comfort of his own home, he created an account on RummyCircle.com and has been a regular ever …

Playing Rummy Online Won Rs.20,000 | Sudhir Prabhu Real Estate Developer

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Sudhir Prabhu, a real estate developer from Bangalore and an ardent rummy player shares his mind blowing experience on RummyCircle.com. He won Rs.20,000 in just 1 day by playing rummy on his favorite Indian rummy site RummyCircle.com! What he loves about this site is it’s easy game-play, frequent addition of new features and hassle free withdrawals! Mr.Prabhu’s wife introduced him to RummyCircle and he has been hooked ever since. He plays generally in the evenings to relax himself after a day of work. Rummy has been his choice of entertainment and he even manages to keep himself healthy by taking …

RummyCircle.com Launches Rummy Welcome Package Worth Rs. 3500

Posted On Apr 16 2013 by

Rummy players across India can chill at home this summer with the coolest surprise from RummyCircle.com – a FREE* rummy welcome package worth up to Rs. 3500/- and a highly customized rummy playing experience as reviewed by players across India. “We are very excited to announce a unique ‘Rummy Welcome Package’ worth up to Rs. 3500/- for all new players. This is being offered for the 1st time and is available only on RummyCircle.com.  Based on multiple rummycircle reviews we have carefully designed this package to get new players to try rummy for free and give them a chance to …

Points Rummy

Posted On Dec 12 2011 by

Points Rummy is the traditional method in which Indians have played their favorite game- rummy for ages. In Points Rummy, points are awarded to each card and players play for points having a pre-decided rupee value. Points rummy is played in a multi-player format and a single rummy table can accommodate upto 6 players. How to Play Points Rummy? Points Rummy is a game involving multiple players- generally 2 to 6. In points rummy, two or more decks of cards consisting of 53 cards each (one printed joker included per pack). In points rummy, each player is required to bring …

Multiplayer Rummy Launched by RummyCircle.com

Posted On Oct 19 2011 by

RummyCircle.com has launched Points Rummy where rummy players play for points which have a per-decided rupee-value. The Points Rummy format is played on multiplayer rummy tables where the winner wins all the cash at the end of each game. Your Win = (Total of all points that opponents get) x (Rupee value of the point) – RummyCircle fees. This Points Rummy will help you win more money because with a two player rummy format, you could win a fix amount of money but with Points Rummy, you have the chance of winning even more.

How to Win Cash by playing Rummy Online?

Posted On Oct 13 2011 by

Playing 13 card Rummy online is the fastest and the most lucrative stress-buster. You get to leave your worries aside and also win cash prizes. Winning cash in online Rummy is now easier than ever before. For those of you who are wondering if it’s safe to play Rummy online , the answer is a resounding YES! Most online Rummy sites have reliable payment partners and your money is held in a secure account. The process of adding Cash to your online games account is fast, simple and easy to follow. Some companies like RummyCircle also offer ‘Cash on Delivery’ …

Two Player Card Games

Posted On Mar 1 2011 by

Some popular card games like poker, hearts and teen patti are just not meant for two players but at the same time there are several games for two players. If you are looking for an online game for two players, rummy is the perfect game for you. RummyCircle.com offers one of the most popular card games in India i.e. Indian rummy which is a game for two and can be played with thousands of online players from India and more importantly you can also invite your friends and family to play with you. A lot of people are comfortable with …

Indian Rummy Tips and Tricks to Win Rummy Games Online

Posted On Feb 1 2011 by

Everyone wants to win and if you win your games with some style and applying some tricks, it acts like the cherry on the top. Most of us play card games with our friends and family members and we feel really bad if we loose and it makes our day if we win, so why not learn some rummy tips that might help you win some rummy games: Rummy Trick 1 – Making pure sequences The first thing a rummy player must focus upon is to make pure sequences. As per the common rummy rules, you should aim at making …

Calculating Odds in Indian Rummy

Posted On Jan 31 2011 by

As soon as you start playing any game your mind starts calculating the odds to win that game. It could be a game or any project, or any task for that matter, your mind consciously or subconsciously wants to know the odds of winning that game or finishing the project on time and success rate. It is the basic human nature that one wants to win in each and everything they come across. It could be a friendly conversation, a who knows who talk, who has seen which city, who’s daddy is strongest, who made most runs in cricket, who …

How to Play Rummy Card Game

Posted On Sep 14 2010 by

When it comes to playing card games, the prerequisite is that you are aware of the rules and tricks because no one likes to loose a card game or for that matter any game that one plays. With more and more people playing online card game rummy, it is important to learn how to play rummy so that rummy players can increase their chances of winning rummy games. Although rummy is not the toughest of games but it definitely requires some skills to maximize the number of games you win. Having said that, how to play rummy and win games …