Learn the Terminologies Used in Online Rummy Card Game

Posted On Jan 20 2017 by

As we know that online rummy is a game of present as well as future, it is quite necessary that we understand all the factors linked to it. This is particularly true if you are new to the online world as well as rummy. Here we will focus on the terms and a few other rummy rules of the online rummy game that will help you play without any difficulty: The primary thing that you require to know about online rummy is that once you are logged in, and click on the play button, many alternatives will come up in …

RummyCircle talks about the benefits of playing Indian Rummy

Posted On Jan 16 2016 by

Indian Rummy is not just a game but it is ‘the’ game; the ultimate family knitting card game, easy to master, interesting to play. Think of all those little competitions your family members had amongst themselves when a game of rummy would get intense, trail down the memory lane and visualize those light wagers on Diwali, due to the nature of the game, Indian rummy has been socially accepted as a family game for over centuries. And with companies like RummyCircle bringing rummy to online world, this acceptance is even grander. But science says that there is much more to …

7 Reasons why you’ll enjoy being a beginner at Rummy @ RummyCircle

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New to the game of Rummy? Don’t worry you have many advantages and playing is always fun. Here is the list of 7 reasons why you’ll enjoy being a beginner at Rummy, least but not last we will also give you 7 days to celebrate it! Beginners try your luck:It is said that ‘novices getting unexpected success against experts in a new field’. This is true for most things just as it’s true for Rummy. So if you are new to the world of rummy, delight as lady luck is standing right next to you ensuring you win! Winning money:If …

How to Play Cash Games and Win Cash Online in India

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Wondering how you can play cash games online and also win cash in India. Here is what I do to win cash games…… I play rummy online card game rummy on the rummy website www.rummycircle.com. If you love playing card games, you can play online card game rummy and win huge cash prizes online. I started playing rummy online on this rummy website and participated in their trump tournaments and since then I have won a lot of cash.

Cash Games, Play Online Games for Cash

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Everyone is very busy today and everyone likes to take a break from his or her busy schedule and nothing like playing online games and win cash. Nobody would say that he/she doesn’t like to play online 13 card game and win cash too. In India, most of the office going people have computers and are online for almost 6-8 hours a day. These are the people who spend a lot of time playing online games and are in search for online games to win cash because as it is they would play some of the other online game so …