Why Online Rummy is better than other indoor games?

Posted On Aug 22 2017 by

Ever wondered when there are numerous games available to while away your time during past times, why Indian Rummy makes people hooked to it more than anything. Rummy rules over the rest, as simple as that. So, let us see the reasons why online Rummy has taken the web world in India by storm and why it is loved by all. Unpredictable nature: Unpredictability is a key for any game to be interesting. It is not just about the results. When two strong opponents of equal prowess play a game like say Chess, Table Tennis or Carom, the results are …

The Secret to Win the 13 Cards Rummy Game

Posted On Jul 11 2017 by

Rummy game is challenging and that can sometimes make even the best of players nervous and anxious. And from there starts the downhill journey of making silly mistakes and overlook significant details in the game. If you want to win at rummy, check these 13 card rummy game tricks that can help you come out as a winner in almost all games. Concentration You must have heard, you need to know the rummy rules and practice the game. Well, yes that’s important. However, what’s the most crucial aspect when it comes to winning the game is your concentration in the …

Deals Rummy, Pool Rummy and Points Rummy: How to Play and Win Each of Them

Posted On Jun 1 2017 by

Rummy is popular in India and so are the three variants of the 13 card game, deals rummy, pool rummy and points rummy. Even though the concept of the rummy card game remains the same, there are some difference in the rules that set them apart. Before playing any of these rummy card games, here are the rules of the game that you should know about. Rules of Rummy There are certain rules of rummy that are common for all three games. Here’s a quick look at the basic rummy rules. Rummy will be played with 13 cards with the …

How to Play Deal Rummy the Right Way

Posted On Feb 16 2017 by

One of the popular variants of rummy card game is deals rummy. It is one of the fastest rummy variants and can be played from 2 to 6 players. In this rummy variant, players get chips and the one who has the highest number of chips at the end of the deal wins the game. Here’s how to play deals rummy. How is Deals Rummy Played Deals rummy is played through chips. These chips are allocated at the beginning for the pre-decided number of deals of that game. Typically, a game will consist of one more packs of 53 cards …

RummyCircle.com – A Big Hit with Rummy Players

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RummyCircle.com is India’s largest Rummy site that has over 8 lakhs registered rummy players from all over India. This website offers 13 card game card game online. The USP of RummyCircle is that players can indulge in their favorite rummy game anytime of the day or night and play against real players and not against a computer! Online Rummy is fast becoming the most popular online card game. RummyCircle is the pioneer in bringing Rummy skill game to India and entertaining the Indian masses in a fun, light-hearted and friendly setting. Rummy is Easy to Learn at RummyCircle For someone …

Points Rummy

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Points Rummy is the traditional method in which Indians have played their favorite game- rummy for ages. In Points Rummy, points are awarded to each card and players play for points having a pre-decided rupee value. Points rummy is played in a multi-player format and a single rummy table can accommodate upto 6 players. How to Play Points Rummy? Points Rummy is a game involving multiple players- generally 2 to 6. In points rummy, two or more decks of cards consisting of 53 cards each (one printed joker included per pack). In points rummy, each player is required to bring …

Multiplayer Rummy Launched by RummyCircle.com

Posted On Oct 19 2011 by

RummyCircle.com has launched Points Rummy where rummy players play for points which have a per-decided rupee-value. The Points Rummy format is played on multiplayer rummy tables where the winner wins all the cash at the end of each game. Your Win = (Total of all points that opponents get) x (Rupee value of the point) – RummyCircle fees. This Points Rummy will help you win more money because with a two player rummy format, you could win a fix amount of money but with Points Rummy, you have the chance of winning even more.

How to Win Cash by playing Rummy Online?

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Playing 13 card Rummy online is the fastest and the most lucrative stress-buster. You get to leave your worries aside and also win cash prizes. Winning cash in online Rummy is now easier than ever before. For those of you who are wondering if it’s safe to play Rummy online , the answer is a resounding YES! Most online Rummy sites have reliable payment partners and your money is held in a secure account. The process of adding Cash to your online games account is fast, simple and easy to follow. Some companies like RummyCircle also offer ‘Cash on Delivery’ …