Secret tips to play rummy like a pro

Posted On Sep 26 2017 by

Indian Rummy game is played in many number of ways, no less than 20 to be exact, one of which is known as a 13 card Rummy. Rummy is the most prominent among everyone and among all the varieties which is practically speaking today. Being the simplest way of rummy, this is broadly played in India by individuals of all kinds and from diverse backgrounds. The rules of rummy are basic and exact. Let us have a look in detail concerning how a 13 card Rummy is played in India. Rummy is a group of coordinating cards which has a …

The Secret to Win the 13 Cards Rummy Game

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Rummy game is challenging and that can sometimes make even the best of players nervous and anxious. And from there starts the downhill journey of making silly mistakes and overlook significant details in the game. If you want to win at rummy, check these 13 card rummy game tricks that can help you come out as a winner in almost all games. Concentration You must have heard, you need to know the rummy rules and practice the game. Well, yes that’s important. However, what’s the most crucial aspect when it comes to winning the game is your concentration in the …

Play Rummy smartly to maximise the chance of winning

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Victories and defeats are part and parcel of any game and this theory, therefore, applies to online Rummy too. Even an expert will have an off day with things not going his way right from the start. The only difference here is while the beginners may give up easily, the experts will not be bogged down by the defeats. They find their way out somehow and start tasting success again. How is it possible only for them? It is possible for them because they know to play it smart. They just do not go by bookish knowledge alone. They use …

Two Player Card Games

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Some popular card games like poker, hearts and teen patti are just not meant for two players but at the same time there are several games for two players. If you are looking for an online game for two players, rummy is the perfect game for you. offers one of the most popular card games in India i.e. Indian rummy which is a game for two and can be played with thousands of online players from India and more importantly you can also invite your friends and family to play with you. A lot of people are comfortable with …

RummyCircle Cheat Code, Share RummyCircle Reviews

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RummyCircle Reviews:

A few months ago, a friend of mine invited me to this rummy site called Rummy is my favorite card game and I was ecstatic at finding a platform where I could play online. I am wary of online fraud, so I checked first rummycircle review online, then I decided that initially I would not put in any money of my own and would only play free rummy games. This is exactly what I continued to do for a month to see if RummyCircle cheats me in any game or not. I had decided I will only start playing rummy for cash i.e. cash tournaments at this website once I am assured that they are not money cheats like hundreds of other Indian gaming websites.