Indian Rummy Tips and Tricks to Win Rummy Games Online

13 cards rummy tricks

Indian Rummy Tips and Tricks to Win Rummy Games Online

The game of online Rummy is not learnt completely just by knowing the rules of the game. There are so many tricks involved in finding success as a Rummy player time and again. Though it is a game loaded with entertainment it does not mean one can afford to lose. Everyone plays this game rather vigorously with an intention to win. So, if you want to compete with the wide range of talents across the nation, then you need to know some of the important 13 cards Indian Rummy tricks as listed below before going playing rummy :

Rummy trick 1 – Form Pure sequence first:

The objective of the Rummy is to form at least two sequences one of which must be a pure one and the remaining cards can be melded to form sequences and sets. What is important here is to form a pure sequence. This should be one’s first focus because when your opponent declares you will be losing only with less points. You can use joker to complete the next sequence.

Rummy trick 2 – Sequences with four cards:

Normally, people are not aware of the fact that a sequence can be formed with more than three cards. A common misconception is that only sets can be formed with more than three cards. But the truth is that more than three cards can be conveniently used to form sequences including the pure sequence.

Rummy trick 3 – Discarding high value cards:

It is always advisable to do away with high value cards as much as possible because they carry more points. If you disown high value cards by discarding them on each turn you get very less points even when you lose. So, all the four high value cards – Ace, King, Queen and Jack have to be discarded as fast as possible unless you really need them. When your opponents declare and if you are still carrying high value cards, you can use joker to form a sequence to lose with lesser points.

Rummy trick 4 – Wise usage of jokers:

The secret of a successful Rummy player lies in the clever usage of jokers. Jokers can be used in so many ways and if every one of those methods is learnt then it is difficult to fetch a victory for anyone against you. As per Rummy rules, a joker can be used to form non-pure sequence too.

Rummy trick 5 –  Watch your opponents closely:

Another important trick that one should learn as a Rummy player is to have a close watch on the moves of his opponents. In short, your moves should be influenced by the moves of your opponents. This is an advanced Rummy trick normally used by all experts. So, what is this trick all about? The cards which are getting discarded and picked up (if from the open deck) need to be closely watched. When your opponent discards a card of a particular suit having a certain face value you can safely assume he may not be picking up the cards having the consecutive values of the same suit. If you see him discarding 5 of hearts, it is likely that he may not be requiring 4 or 6 of hearts and thus you may safely discard one pf the two. Same way if you discard 9 of diamonds and your opponent has picked it up immediately then you will know he is forming a sequence with that and thus you can be alert by not serving him with the consecutive number cards pf 9 of diamonds.

Other 13 Cards Rummy tricks:

Apart from what has been detailed above, the following tricks also can be practiced upon.

  1. You can confuse your opponent by either keep picking unusually high value cards on each turn or discarding low value cards from the open deck on consecutive turns. This will make him feel that you are about to declare the game leaving him to fold the cards.
  2. Then comes the art of bluffing. If you notice that your opponent is not picking anything from the open deck it means he is struggling a lot with a bad Rummy. By bluffing you can force him to submit in such a scenario. You start picking up cards from the open deck for four to five turns in succession which will make your opponent think that you are about to win the game leaving him to drop the game.
  3. If you feel you could not handle bad Rummy effectively, you can drop from the game immediately after discarding high value cards so that you may lose only with less points.

It is no guarantee that a victory is ensured for you following all the aforesaid Rummy tips. But it can definitely give you an edge over your opponents if you follow the same meticulously. For added value you can go through the rummy rules to play rummy smartly.



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