5 Myths About Rummy Busted

“So simple is the basic game of Rummy that the best way to learn it is to just play it.”- Walter Brown Gibson, an American author and professional magician.”

The simplicity of the game may have been a major contributor to the popularity of rummy, which in turn is what gave rise to its various versions. Rummy has more than twenty variants that are played in different parts of the world with different names. For instance, Indian Rummy or ‘Paplu’ is popular in India, Canasta in the US and Kalooki in Jamaica. As with anything so popular, there are certain myths associated with it.

Myths About Rummy: Busted

Here are some common misconceptions about Rummy. Keep reading to know what the actual facts are:

1.  Rummy is Illegal in Most Countries:

Rummy was declared a game of skill according to the Supreme Court in India. Since it is not about gambling, it is legal in all parts of the country, even when cash is at stake. In many other countries, Rummy enjoys a legal status.

2.  The Rules Include Drinking Rum:

The Rummy Rules has nothing to do with drinking rum or any other alcoholic beverage. A large number of people play Rummy online without having to drink any sort of alcoholic drink.

3.  People Always Lose Money Playing Online Rummy:

There are many instances of people having won money. In fact, with online rummy, one stands a chance to win cash every day. At RummyCircle.com, you can participate in tournaments that offer a chance to win large sums of money. The entry to some of these tournaments is free or a very small amount. If you are playing rummy online with real people (like you do at RummyCircle.com), then there is always a fair chance of winning. In fact, the wins are not restricted to money. You could win prizes like LED TVs, cameras, home theatre systems and smartphones.

4.  Newcomers Never Have a Chance of Winning Rummy Online:

If you are a newbie, you can play with other amateur players to have an equal chance of winning. Moreover, you can play for free, till you gain a good grasp of the game. At RummyCircle, the Welcome Tournament is organized for newcomers, giving them an opportunity to win cash from the time they begin playing the game. Along with this learn how to play rummy and enjoy the simple joy of forming matched sets and sequences.

5.  Rummy is a New Game:

Rummy dates back to the mid nineteenth century. There are several differing theories, however, related to its original. Some say that the game is derived from the Spanish game of Conquian, while others say rummy originated from the Chinese tile game Mah Jong. There is also the theory that rummy is a variation of Poker, which was popularized by the French.

While there are several myths associated with rummy, what is beyond debate is the entertainment and engagement this card game offers. Rummy has moved from clubs and tea stalls to the comfort of our homes, with the growing popularity of its online avatar.


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