How to deal the bad Rummy hand the best way

As soon as the shuffling of cards begins for a Rummy game, it is a common sight to see people having hearts in their mouths in anticipation of getting a friendly Rummy hand. However, an expert who thoroughly knows how to play Rummy can afford to remain stoic, relying on his skills of observation alone.

how to deal with bad hand

Basic Rule – How to react holding a Bad Rummy
So how to thrive a disastrous situation unscathed? This will be the obvious question for all wannabee experts. Now let us start from the scratch. There can be hundreds of Rummy rules that guard the game but if one is not aware of two of its basic rules, i.e., maintaining calmness and extending unhindered focus, then he/she is bound to taste a sensational reverse even with a dream Rummy. So, it is essential for a player to have these two qualities instilled firmly in his armoury.
A brief outlook of how to play a Rummy hand
Before going into the intricacies of how a person can crisply handle a bad Rummy to his advantage, let us first know briefly as to how to play the Rummy which is nothing but sequentially arranging the set of cards in hand.
Now comes the next question – What is a sequence? A sequence is nothing but arranging three or four consecutive cards of the same suit or three or four cards of the same value in different suits. The example of both the situation is as below:
Sequence with same suit:
2♠ 3♠4♠5♠or A♠K♠ Q♠ J♠
Sequence with same value but different suit:
2♠ 3♣ 4♣ 5♣ or K♠ K♣ K ♥K♦
The game is finally won when one of the cards is dropped into a finish slot and the sequence is shown to the other participants.

How to handle bad Rummy – The answer to a million-dollar question with proper strategies
By focusing closely on the cards dropped by your opponent, you can analyses the ones that he holds. If you notice your opponent drawing cards more from the closed deck than the open deck, you can assume that he just requires a few more cards to complete the sequence and thus the game.

This can be tested by dropping a card as a bait in the discard section and if your opponent picks it up you can have a clue as to what he is trying to form. You can also trick your opponent by dropping lower value cards. By keep dropping them from the beginning and drawing fresh ones from the open deck you can even confuse your opponent who may eventually leave with no clue and thus may even fold his cards. On the other hand, if you feel that your actions are still not going to gain much for you, you can keep dropping high value cards so that you are not burdened with more points at the end. Remember in a Rummy game, a winner gets his points reduced. This is exactly opposite in the case of a Deals Rummy where the Deals Rummy rules are such that the winners are left with more chips than that of their opponents.

To simplify things and for easy remembrance, one can keep the following aspects in their mind:
➜ Confronted with a Bad Rummy? – Be calm and stay focus.
➜ What and where to focus? – Keep focusing on the cards that gets dropped by your opponent.
➜ Visually analyse the cards that your opponent holds by equating it with the cards dropped by your opponent.
➜Cards drawn most from closed deck than open deck? – Implies your opponent is on the verge of completion of Rummy.
➜Do a bait by dropping a random card and check if your opponent is interested.
➜Keep dropping low level cards and pick fresh from open deck to confuse your adversary.
➜Bad Rummy still haunts you? Then keep dropping higher value cards to reduce points.

Do take note of the aforesaid points and improve your expertise and keep earning more. Nothing is difficult in the world when practiced earnestly.

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