The Right Rummy Moves to Win the Game

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There are many forms of rummy, but the one thing that you always need to win the game is the right move at the right time. Fast thinking and sharp memory can make even the most challenging game be won in no time. Here are some winning moves of rummy that will help you win the 13 cards game in a smart way.

Try to gauge your opponent’s hand

This requires a lot of practice but it is a key element to win a rummy hand. Keep a close watch on the discard pile and see what cards are discarded or even picked up. You need to do some quick calculations to visualize the hand your opponent is trying to form. Your rummy moves should be based on this calculation.

Take notes of all cards discarded

You definitely need a sharp memory to remember all the cards your opponent is pushing in the discard pile. However, to start with, scribble them down on a notepad. This is one advantage of online rummy, you can write it down and your opponent will never come to know about it. This will help you understand the sets and sequences he is forming.

Push the high value cards out first

High value cards increase the load of loss points. Hence, cards like Ace, Jack, King and Queen should be discarded as quickly as possible. In case, you have formed a pure sequence with these cards, hold on to them, otherwise, use the wild card or Joker card as a substitute to these cards. They can be equally useful in forming sets and impure sequence.

Picking up the right cards

This is one more rummy move that will require practice on your end. Rummy always gives you a choice to pick and discard cards. It is a rare situation when you are not left with more than one card to pick. Anticipate the moves that can come ahead in the game and then pick the cards.

Close your sequences first

As the game moves along, the sets get formed quite fast. However, every player must remember that without forming a pure sequence and sequence is a mandate before you make a valid declaration. Hence, it is very important to make your pure sequence at the beginning and then go for a sequence and finally close the sets.

Once you get these rummy tricks in place, you will start winning games with ease.

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