Why Should The Joker Cards be Taken Seriously?


In an online Rummy game, it is often the existence of joker cards in one’s hand decides the fate of the game. So, if anything has to be taken care of seriously and learned properly in the game of Rummy, it is the skill of using a joker card. Before going deep into knowing the intricacies of using a joker card let us know what is a joker card.

A joker card is of two types. One is any card randomly selected to do the role of a wild card and the other is a card depicting an image of a joker. Both these cards can replace any cards to form a sequence or set or both. Now let us understand why joker cards have to be taken seriously.

To realise the objective of Rummy:

Any declaration is possible only if at least two sequences are formed one of which has to be a pure life. So once a pure sequence is formed, the formation of another sequence is equally essential. If you have a joker card with you, the formation of next sequence will be rather easy. Rather than awaiting a particular card for long, you can use the joker and complete the sequence.

Carrying joker cards are safe:

As the joker cards do not carry any points, no harm in having it in hand as one of your 13 cards for long. You will have no urgency in discarding it because having the same in your possession does not increase the burden of yours. You must concentrate on discarding high value cards only. Once your opponent declares, the value of joker will not be added to the points as it carries literally no value.

Plan a wise discard:

If you get a wild joker card, a player can play wisely by discarding all the cards closer to it in face value as the opponents may not be interested in them. For example, if you have 8 which is the wild joker, you can confidently discard cards like 6 7 9 on each turn. So, by doing this you are creating a safe situation and assuring yourself that the next three turns at least are safe to you as your opponent is not going to pick up any of these cards to form a sequence.

Know a couple of important rules about joker:

It is not just the skill of using joker cards that you need to develop to achieve success. It is equally important to know a couple of rules about its usage. They are:

  1. Jokers are not used to form a pure sequence.
  2. If random card selected happens to be a printed joker, then Ace of any suit can play the role of a joker card.

Knowing such important rules will help you in a longer run when you play with experts, you can read previous post to learn rummy game rules. The card may be named as a joker in rummy game but in utility it is quite a serious card that every Rummy player must look up to if he wants to do an Indian Rummy download.

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