How to Win at Online Rummy?

Rummy is a game of exceptional memory and skill. You need to make the right move at the right time. Online rummy is not a difficult game but it needs practice, and you need to develop skills for winning. It is advisable that before playing online rummy, you familiarize yourself with the rummy rules and regulations so that you can go a long way in the game. You should also play some free games so as to get an idea as to how to beat the opponent.

Tips on Winning Online Rummy

To help you increase your chances at winning at rummy tournaments, here are a few useful tricks and tips that you can keep in mind:

  • Develop a strategy: First of all, arrange your cards. If some cards are already in the form of a sequence or a set, they should be kept together, so that you don’t discard them by mistake. Make sure to discard high value cards like the King or Queen as they are 10 pointers. Ensure that you make a pure sequence quickly, since this is the lifeline of the game. A pure sequence can have 4 cards. You should be very attentive while drawing and discarding a card.
  • Follow the opponent’s moves: It is very important to be able to follow the opponent’s strategy. Keep a close watch on the cards he discards and picks from the open deck. Once you have knowledge about the type of cards he has, you can discard the cards that won’t be beneficial for him. For example, if the opponent discards a 7 of Hearts you easily discard 6 and 8 of Hearts.
  • Use the joker well: The joker plays an important role in rummy. The joker changes with every new game and is dependent on the cards being dealt. If possible, do not use jokers in making a pure sequence, since this will decrease its value. Try to make an impure sequence using the joker and you can also keep high pointer cards in a set or sequence.
  • Position your cards: Once the cards are dealt, use the sort button, which automatically sorts the cards in order. Now check for any sequence or cards that have a possibility of being in a sequence and keep them separately. The totally unmatched cards should be positioned for discarding.
  • Reduce points: In rummy, if the opponent declares, all the cards that are not in a sequence or set are counted in points. That is why it is suggested that you reduce your points as soon as possible. But keep in check that you only reduce the points that will be counted against you in the end.

Online rummy can give you hours of enjoyment. The only thing you need to do is ensure that you choose the gaming site cautiously and keep the rules and regulations in mind.

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